Katherine on 700 Club

Our technologies are enslaving us, and It’s time to wake up.

A while back I agreed to speak to CBN on a story about RFID in amusement parks. Little did I know they would do a feature story on this message that would be seen by tens of millions of people worldwide. Amazing!

God is wonderfully good.

RFID Opening Doors for Mark of the Beast?

You can read the written version of the article here:
RFID Opening Doors for Mark of the Beast?

Here is the section where the quoted me:

[C]onsumer privacy expert Dr. Katherine Albrecht is concerned about RFID technology in general and what the future holds.

“They want RFID tags in your refrigerator, in the objects that you buy, and ultimately, as Dr. Katina Michael is making so clear, they want these tags in us,” Albrecht shared on her nationally syndicated radio show.

“We’re using radio frequency to identify things and transmit information all the time nowadays,” Albrecht said. “I think what is coming next, though, is what the marketers and developers of this technology call the ‘Internet of Things.’ This idea is that every physical object would have its own equivalent of an IP address encoded into the microchip.” Continue reading

Interview with The 700 Club airing today!

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

The Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) is airing a story today in which I share the serious privacy and Biblical implications of RFID. Here is a link to that story: http://www.cbn.com/cbnnews/healthscience/2014/April/RFID-Tech-Opening-Doors-for-Revelation-Fulfillment/

For those of you who don’t know, RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification, a technology that uses tiny microchips to track items from a distance. Each tracking chip has a unique number, like a Social Security number for things.

The plan of RFID developers is to chip and track every single item on the planet through an “Internet of Things.” The goal of this master plan being promoted by major manufacturers, retailers, and governments is to track every shirt, every shoe, every pack of gum — everything — in real time.

Put two and two together, and you see how this poses a serious threat to our freedom and privacy. By association, we can be tracked through the things we wear and carry that are embedded with these chips.

Whether or not you believe in Biblical revelation about a day and time when everyone will need to take a mark to buy and sell, knowing about this technology is relevant to you. It has the potential to create a world prophesied in the Book of Revelation, a world that people of any faith or creed would find repressive.

I encourage you to watch this CBN video and share the link with your friends and family. Awareness is the first step in fighting this dangerous technology.
Please also add your thoughts to the CBN comments. And thanks for your support!

Here is the link again: http://www.cbn.com/cbnnews/healthscience/2014/April/RFID-Tech-Opening-Doors-for-Revelation-Fulfillment/

In freedom,

My Public PGP Key

Hi, All:

Below is my public PGP key. This will allow you to write encrypted emails to me that only I can read.

Version: GnuPG v1.4.12 (GNU/Linux)


In freedom,

Last Night’s Appearance on Coast to Coast AM

Last night (in the wee hours) I was the first-hour guest on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, a show with millions of listeners around the world.

I’ve posted links below to some things I discussed on the show. Thanks for listening!

This is the story I opened with

STARTPAGE – private search
The world’s most private search engine. Safe from NSA spying. I helped create it!

STARTMAIL – private email (coming soon)
Watch my short video here, and reserve your private (upcoming) fully private paid email account. Get off of Yahoo, Hotmail, and Gmail and escape from government spying.

This is where I poured my heart out about the experience of being struck with Stage IIIC breast cancer in the prime of life

Here is a link with my special coupon code (“katherine”) for a free book with purchase:
To learn how coriolus works, see:

Here are the supplements I took through my cancer treatment

This is the repository of medical journal abstracts I discussed for powerful, free online research. You can search here for any medical topic or supplement and find what the latest research says.
(Note: that link redirects to: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed

Natural supplement//food that has been shown to help with blood sugar control. Read studies about it here:

I am on a clinical trial for a drug called TM, or tetrathiomolybdate. Here is my post on it:

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Long time no blog – so here’s some red lightning!

It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged. Too long. So I thought I’d re-inaugurate my blog with this amazing photo of an atmospheric phenomena known as red lightning, or “sprites.” (Yes, they’re actually called sprites!!!)

Sprite photographed over Red Willow County Nebraska August 12 (Jason Ahrns via Flickr)

Here is the article link for an explanation and more photos.

Sprites! Rare red lightning photographed on atmospheric research mission

Celebrating tonight in Austin, Texas!

Hi, All:

I’m currently in Texas celebrating our recent victory over the Northside ISD student tracking program!

Details here: http://www.mysanantonio.com/news/education/article/Northside-ISD-drops-student-tracking-program-4667169.php

I’ll be speaking tonight at the Brave New Bookstore in Austin, Texas.

Brave New Books
1904 Guadalupe St. (Suite B), Austin, Texas


I’d love to see you there!

In Freedom,

A Short Update…

I am still in Washington DC at the Computers, Freedom, and Privacy Conference.

For today’s show, we’re going to air a “best-of” program. (A Sept 2009 interview with Paul Green, who walked us through the steps to near-total Telco privacy. A not-to-miss, information dense broadcast.)

On another note: I am working with some European American activists on a response to the recent revelations regarding PRISM.

I’ll keep you posted!

In Washington DC for the CFP Conference

Hello to my radio listeners:

I am currently in Washington DC for the Computers, Freedom, and Privacy Conference.

For today’s show, we’re going to air a “best-of” program. (This one is good – an Oct 2010 interview with Jeffrey M. Smith, who shared the unpublished dangers of GMO foods with us.)

I’ll be back soon to tell you how my trip went!

In freedom,

A final note on the non-link between dairy and cancer

Note: I first posted this as a comment in response to my “Milk does not cause cancer” post, which was a follow up to “That email about Chinese women not getting breast cancer has it wrong.”

It’s certainly true that Asian countries DO have a lower rate of prostate and breast cancer. But there are MANY, MANY, MANY differences between Western and Asian lifestyles aside from dairy consumption.

Without evidence, saying “Western people drink milk. Asian people don’t. Western people have higher rates of cancer than Asian people. Therefore drinking milk must cause cancer,” is a hypothesis. Without evidence, it’s just an idle conjecture.

Without evidence, you can’t conclude that there is a connection between those two things, any more than you can say “Western women are two inches taller, on average, than Asian women. Western women have higher rates of breast cancer. Therefore, height causes cancer.”

You can hypothesize that, but before you claim it to be true you have to test it and have evidence to back up your assertion. So exactly how would you test that? Well, you might ask these questions: Do tall Asian women have more breast cancer than short ones? Do short American women have less breast cancer than tall ones? Do tall women generally have more breast cancer than short women, regardless of race or geography? If the answer is no (and I am pretty sure it is, since I just made that up) then there goes your hypothesis. *Poof*

So what about the dairy-cancer hypothesis? Researchers have thoroughly investigated whether the difference in American and Asian breast cancer rates is related to dairy consumption. How? By asking these questions:

  • Do Asian women who drink a lot of dairy have higher breast cancer rates than Asian women who drink little or no dairy?
  • Do Western women who drink milk have a higher rate of breast cancer than those who don’t?
  • Is there any relationship between dairy consumption and breast cancer in any population in any place on the globe?

In case after case, study after study, when researchers looked into these questions the answer was no. If anything, they found that consuming dairy gives women a very slight protective effect against breast cancer.

Conclusion: Science has thoroughly failed to find any evidence linking dairy consumption to breast cancer. There is no causative link. Dairy does not cause breast cancer.

Case closed.

Supplements I took during cancer treatment

First, here is info on the amazing TM copper depletion trial I am on: http://wordpress.katherinealbrecht.com/?p=1429

Next, because so many people have been asking, here are the supplements I took during my own course of chemo and radiation treatments. The first two continue to be at the core of my wellness program, and the others are supplemental.

CORIOLUS VERSICOLOR mushroom pills, hot water extract (very important), four 600mg pills per day (2 in the AM, 2 in the PM, with food) for restoring immune function during and after chemo. I took coriolus faithfully through chemo and plan to continue taking it for the rest of my life.
(Mushroom Science gave me a coupon code “katherine” or “COAST” you can use to get a free book on medicinal mushrooms.)

See www.curcuminresearch.org for the amazing research they’re doing at MD Anderson and elsewhere. I take Jarrow brand “Curcumin 95,” three 500 mg capsules with lunch, but as far as I am aware, any brand will do. It’s fat soluble, so eat it with a meal. Eating black pepper with your meal helps curcumin work better, or you can buy a supplement that has black pepper right in the capsule with the curcumin. I plan to continue taking curcumin daily for the rest of my life.

MILK THISTLE for liver function during chemo
(This is not something I would take daily after chemo is finished.)

CoQ10 for liver function and general health
(MD Anderson is currently studying CoQ10 with cancer patients.

HAWTHORN for heart function (especially since the A/C and Herceptin-based part of my chemo regimen could have potentially damaged my heart)

RESVERATROL for protecting healthy cells during radiation and potentiating the effects of the radiation against cancer cells

MAGNESIUM for good sleep

ACETYL L-CARNITINE to counter pain and the neuropathy effects of Taxotere (or Taxol) chemotherapy

BOSWELLIA (Frankincense) for its protective effects
(See: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21553931 for more)

HOLY BASIL for its anti-cancer and tonic effects

(recommended by my oncologist and general practitioner)

A LOW DOSE MULTI-VITAMIN made from natural, food-based sources

As you know, I am NOT a medical doctor (I have a doctorate in Education and Human Development / Psychology from Harvard), so nothing I say constitutes medical advice, or even advice at all. This is just what I took and why, after doing lots of research.

Please check with your doctor before taking any of these supplements yourself or administering them to others.

Please also note that because many supplements use the same metabolic pathways as chemo, I stopped taking everything but vitamins during the 24 hours before and the 72 hours after each chemo infusion.

Do not delay breast (or colon) cancer surgery

If you find a lump in your breast, don’t delay surgery! New research shows that waiting more than twelve weeks to remove a breast tumor nearly doubles a woman’s risk of death.

New research published in the Annals of Surgical Oncology looked at the survival rates of thousands of cancer patients. The study concluded that the optimal time to have surgery to remove a breast cancer tumor is within one to four weeks of the initial diagnosis.

Those who waited longer than twelve weeks had, on average, nearly double the risk of dying from breast cancer during the 4-5 year study period than those women who got the tumors out quickly. Rates for colon cancer were even higher.

This research underscores what I have been shouting from the rafters: If you have cancer, DO NOT SCREW AROUND. Get the tumor out of your body. Eliminate all signs of the cancer as efficiently as possible, using conventional treatment, and THEN (and only then), put your faith in alternative methods to restore and maintain your health.

Take Away Message:  If there is a tumor in your body, you may not have time to screw around. Remove it ASAP. Alternative cancer treatments are only smart AFTER the cancer is out of your body.

I’m a big believer in EVIDENCE for all claims made about cancer treatment. So here it is:

“Delays to curative surgery beyond 12 weeks were associated with increased mortality in colorectal and breast cancers.”

Source: Delay to Curative Surgery Greater than 12 Weeks Is Associated with Increased Mortality in Patients with Colorectal and Breast Cancer but Not Lung or Thyroid Cancer.  Annals of Surgical Oncology 2013 Mar 26.


Where to go for cancer treatment? Hint: travel improves survival

If you suspect you have cancer, you should get checked out as quickly as possible, which probably means getting screens and testing at your nearest local hospital. That’s what I did. Both my mammogram and biopsy were done within ten minutes of my home.

However, when the time came for surgery and treatment, I ditched my (otherwise great) local hospital and traveled an hour to a world class cancer treatment hospital instead.

That’s because cancer is a moving target, and access to the latest treatment can mean the difference between life and death. An academic hospital gives you access to state-of-the-art therapies and clinical trials. At such a center, your doctor is likely to be the person conducting and publishing the cutting edge research, so if there is a lifesaving breakthrough on the horizon, s/he will know about it. And s/he can get you on board years before other patients can get access.

In contrast, while your local hospital’s oncologist may be perfectly qualified to administer “the standard of care” treatment, s/he will be a follower, not a leader. The treatments you will receive there will be five-years-ago, not cutting-edge-tomorrow. More importantly, your local hospital will not have access to clinical trials that are saving lives. In my case, had I remained with my local doc, I would not have received either of the two amazing drugs (TDM-1/Kadcyla, and tetra-thio-molybdate/TM) that will probably end up saving my life.

There are 67 academic hospital-treatment centers in the US known as NCI-Designated Cancer Centers. Here is where to find one:

If you are diagnosed with cancer, do what it takes to get the best treatment available. Pay to travel to one of these centers, meet with a world-class oncologist, and get his or her take on your condition. Most insurance plans will allow you to get a second opinion, so the consultation shouldn’t cost you much more than the gas money and time it takes you to get there. Even if you don’t want to do all of your treatment with the big honchos, you should have their experts map out a state-of-the-art treatment plan for you, then take that back to your local hospital and push for your local guys to implement it.

The survival benefit of going outside your local provider to a larger cancer center is significant and well proven. (And when I say “cancer center,” I do not mean “Cancer Treatment Centers of America.”)

I’m a big believer in EVIDENCE for all claims made about cancer treatment. So here it is:

“Survival consistently improved with increasing distance traveled to treatment centers.”

Research suggests that “patients who travel out of their neighborhood for elective care from specialized medical centers may have better outcomes [read more] Continue reading